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What colours are available?
The paints that we recommend and use every day are available in a wide range of great colours. It’s also possible to mix the paints to any other colour palette for a small extra cost.

I have an old wooden kitchen that I know needs replacing but I can't afford to at the moment. Can you paint over the units if they have been varnished?
Yes we can make your kitchen look as good as new for a fraction of the cost of buying a new kitchen. We do it all of the time. The previous varnish needs to be removed and then we clean, paint and if necessary re-varnish. It ends up actually looking better than new!

Are natural painted walls cleanable?

Yes they are as cleanable as their petrochemical equivalent. However if you require a surface to be wipeable, say in the kitchen or a bathroom, then we recommend that a natural glaze is applied as a final coat. Earthborn have a glaze that works very well and looks great.

Will it cost me more to use natural paints?

The paints we use are generally only slightly more expensive than say Dulux and generally considerably less than the designer paints (Farrow And Ball, Painters Library, Zofany etc) that contain higher degrees of pigment. Earthborn paints compete with the designer paints on every level and are more durable. The eggshell paint we recommend (Earthborn Pro Aqua Quick Drying Eggshell) is more expensive than most equivalent eggshells but in our experience actually improves the finish and application when diluted with water and goes a long way in terms of coverage. 

Is your decorating service more expensive than other painters and decorators?

No! Our painting and decorating service is very competitive.

If it’s natural will it last?

Natural paints are less prone to peeling and cracking so yes! We use earthborn Pro Aqua Quick Drying Eggshell on top of the range designer kitchens because they are incredibly tough and hard wearing. Much harder wearing than any petrochemical based paint we have used.

Are natural paints more difficult to paint with?

You will find that there is a little bit more skill involved and if you want a professional look then that’s what we provide. However after very little time you will get the hang of it. Purepaint have put together some natural decorating tips here for you and if you have any further questions then please get in touch.

Can you paint over existing painted walls?
Yes you can if they are properly prepared as with using any household paints. The breathability of the natural paints will however be effected by the existing paint underneath as this will still be locking in any moisture.

I like the look of paint effects on furniture. Can you achieve these with natural paints?

Yes. We can provide you with information on how to reproduce all of the popular paint effects using non toxic natural paints.

Can natural paints be used externally?

There are no problems in using silica paint on unpainted rendered external walls. This paint will last for decades and cannot be over painted. However silica based paint cannot be painted over existing paint. There are no external emulsions that we have found that can be painted over previously painted surfaces. We are looking at a lime based paint Stuart Furby Lime Paint which they claim can be painted externally over existing paint. We have yet to try this process so cannot recommend it. We will let you know the results soon. For external wood work there are several options. We have had disastrous results using earthborn Pro Aqua eggshell externally. I’m sure that in ideal conditions where there is little moisture either airborne or in the wood itself it will work fine but without these perfect conditions it hasn’t responded well, peeling and cracking. On our last external project we stripped the old paint completely and then used Osmo WB Base Coat Aqua. We then used Osmo White Country Colour and a final coat of earthborn internal/external gloss. It looked great and we are confident that it will last. We have also had success using Aglaia paints externally and after more than two years after application they look as good as new.

Can I use natural paints safely on my kids toys and bedroom furniture?

Yes the paints we use are totally non toxic and when dry your kids are safe to lick, chew and suck on their toys and furniture whenever the little darlings like!