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About Us

Initially the reason for using natural paints was borne out of the need to look after our own health. After many years of painting and decorating with 'normal', ie. petrochemical paints, our health was suffering from the constant exposure to the toxic fumes. We'd had enough of feeling sick and dizzy at the end of the day, sometimes questioning if it was actually safe to drive!

Knowing nothing about natural or eco paints, we carried out extensive research, trying out all the different options on the market. We discovered that most, so called 'eco paints' were not in fact natural at all and the ones that were, mostly didn't work very well, not producing consistant results or being unpleasant to use.

We tentatively began using natural paints on some jobs believing we'd lose work if we used them solely. Then at the start of 2008, we decided to take the plunge and exclusively use natural paints. After a slow start to the year, it became our busiest year so far and we haven't looked back!

Our health has considerably improved since stopping using petrochemical paints and we've discovered that our clients also greatly appreciate the many benefits to their health, their home and the environment.

Our goal is to operate an 'eco' business with a high level of integrity on every level. It has become an integrity issue not using petrochemical paints. We realised that aside from our own health, we could no longer inflict potential severe health issues on our clients, by covering their walls with toxic chemicals and still sleep easily at night. We feel just as strongly when it comes to the environment too.

Our mission is to transform the way people think about the health of the environment they live and work in. To show that it is very simple and doesn't cost more.

We provide a very high quality service, our goal is to leave all our customers surprised and delighted, not only with our work, but also with the whole experience of dealing with Purepaint.